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All artists working in the fantastic/surreal/visionary
vein are invited to join the Society for Art of the Imagination.

The Annual Art of Imagination Exhibition will be in the Autumn, October 2 - October 7, 2000 at the Mall Galleries, London There will be prizes totaling £5000.00. Sending in by photos or slides, last date for receiving entries August 31, 2000. Cost £10.00 (members 20% discount). Every entry MUST be accompanied by an entry form obtainable from:

The Society for the Art of Imagination
P.O. Box 240
GB-Berkhamstead HP4 1HE
Tel: +44 1 442 25 4259
Fax: +44 1 442 86 4454


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1964   Molesworth Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
1966   Gallery Number Ten, Blackheath, London
1967   Galerie Fuchs-Fischof, Vienna, Austria
1967   Galerie 3+2, Paris, France
1968   St. Alban's Gallery, Herts, U.K.
1971   The London Hilton Art Gallery, London
1971   Galerie für Zeitgenossische Künst, Hamburg
1973   Van der Straeten Galleries, New York
1973   Den-Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
1973   Upper Street Gallery, London
1975   Galerie Gustav, Malmo, Sweden
1975   Castle Wartholz, Reichenau-an-der-Rax, Austria
1976   Rye Gallery, New York
1976   Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria, U.K.
1977   Hudson Guild Gallery, New York
1977   Jubelee Festival for Mind and Body, Olympia, London, U.K.
1978   Eindhoven, Holland
1979   Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, U.S.A
1980   The Arts Club, Piccadilly, London
1981   The Doorway Gallery, Rancho Santa Fe, California, U.S.A
1982   Central gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
1983   The Arts Centre, Hong Kong
1984   7 Dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London
1985   Galerie Nuova Spazio 2, Venice
1986   Alpine Gallery, London
1988   Renata Gallery, Chicago
1990   The Glebe Gallery, Ottawa
1998   Mall Galleries, London
1999   Mall Galleries, London

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