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Doors of Perception
by Alan Senior

In 1977 Robert Dixon wrote to Time Out complaining about the state of art at the time. Initially there were some 20 artists who replied and agreed to meet to discuss the issues. Over a period of six months, this group dwindled to about six who met every week at the ICA coffee bar. A lot of theoretical discussion went on and we gradually visited each other's studios. We did not in this early phase mount any exhibitions.

Alan Senior Yoruba

In 1978, Alan Senior, whose work had been influenced by Surrealism, Fuchs, Hausner and Klarwein, contacted Brigid Marlin and Inscape. He began to exhibit with Inscape along with Robert Dixon. In 1981, Alan and Robert created, with others, The Doors of Perception Exhibition, Covent Garden, London. This included many of the imaginative artists we had contacted over the previous three years.

The group slowly faded away and by 1985 only Robert Dixon and Alan Senior remained in close contact. Later, Robert Dixon pursued a career as a writer, producing many articles and a book on aesthetic issues: The Baumgarten Corruption. Alan Senior kept in close contact with Brigid Marlin and Inscape and continues to paint his visions and develop his IT skills especially in Photoshop, and a growing interest in Cyberart.


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