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The Age of the Imagination
by Damian Michaels

An amazing international resurgence of interest in fantastic and visionary art seems to again be taking place the last half decade of this century

New projects are being announced and implemented seemingly every time I open my mailbox or view my computer e-mails. Wonderful museums, galleries, publishers and societies for our movement either have, or finally are, coming to fruition after years of discussions and planning. To name a few: in South Africa, there is Christian De Boeck’s Fantastic Art Centre; in Britain. we have Brigid Marlin's Society for the Art of Imagination, the Henry Boxer Gallery and John Maizels incredible Raw Vision Magazine; in the United States, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, Morpheus International Publishers and Gallery Gates of Heck Publishing, countless other private galleries and a new museum in Sedona that is currently in the advanced planning stages with Professors’ Ernst Fuchs and Phil Jacobson managing the helm; in Switzerland, the Giger Museum and yet another Centre for Fantastic Art; in Austria, a Fuchs museum; and in Australia the Outré Gallery is going strong along with my own Art Visionary Magazine, which is the first and only art magazine dedicated to showcasing the best by artists working in imaginative art.

These are truly amazing times, and with the birth of the new millennium upon us, we now have the opportunity to finally acknowledge and face the dark side of our humanity that has been so especially evident this last century. We can no longer turn a blind eye to that which has brought us collectively to the brink of our own demise. Here is our chance to "unite the opposites", to join those opposing  forces through our art with it’s new "inner" symbolism. Helping each other is also helping our movement evolve.

Let us plant the seeds in the collective unconscious with our art. Let us transcend humanity to a whole new level of consciousness. I believe we can achieve this and many other great things as a movement and brotherhood. It has already started. All we have to do is believe and reach out. This is the age of imagination.


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